Share Market Rules – Rules for Buying Shares (New)

share market ke kiyam currency

There have been many changes in the stock market over time and today those changes have become the rule. SEBI, which controls the stock market, imposes new rules on the stock market from time to time. That’s why today in this post we will know the old and new rules of the stock market so …


How to do Fixed Deposit in Paytm

Paytm Me Fixed Deposit Kaise Kare

By the way, Paytm is the only payment app that we use to do money transactions. But PayTM has been making changes in itself for a long time. Shortly before Paytm added shopping features inside its app, after that they launched paytm bank. After which the consumer can also open his own shaving account in …


What is Paisa Nikal App – How to use it – Agent KYC

paisa nikal app kya hai kaise use kare hindi

Paisa Nikal App is an app that lets you AEPS ie (Aadhar Enable Payment System) Using Aadhar Enabled Payment System, any consumer can withdraw payment from his bank account and earn a good commission on it. Paisa Nikal App is a paperless transaction app where you provide the facility to withdraw money to a person, …


How to buy and sell shares

Share Kharidne Aur Bechne Ka Tarika

Today in this post we will know Share Kaise Kharidte Hai And Share Kaise Baichte Hai Along with this, we will also know what is the way to buy shares and what is the way to sell shares. What should we do to buy and sell the stock well and what is the right time …


How to get job in IT company

it company me job kaise paye

In this article, we will know what is IT Sector. How to get job in IT companyIn this post we will read about IT company in detail so that we can know IT company closely and with this we will know how to get job in IT company. In today’s time, looking at the private …