Sourav name meaning in hindi |

Sourav name meaning in hindi, Sourav name meaning, zodiac, horoscope, constellation, virtue, defect-Sourav is a very good name to call. Sourav is a very popular name among Hindu boys. The name Saurav you can keep for your son is very interactive.

Sourav name meaning in hindi

Let us know some things about the name Saurav.



Meaning-beautiful, divine



auspicious stone– sapphire gem


friend zodiac-Aries, Mithu

good color-blue,purple

Good Day-Saturday

auspicious stone– sapphire gem

Sourav name meaning in hindi.

Before keeping the name Saurav it is very important to know some things about this name. Name is the identity of a person. If the name is wrong, it cannot be changed further. The meaning of name Saurav is Beautiful, Divine, Celestial. As this name means, in the same way the effect of this name is visible in your boy.

It is also said in the Vedas and Puranas that before keeping a name, it is necessary to know about that name.

Let us know further about the lucky number, rashifal, nakshatra of a boy named Saurav.

Sourav name character in hindi.

Zodiac sign of Saurav is Aquarius. People of Aquarius zodiac have complete control over themselves and are soft hearted.

As the name Saurav means, similarly the effect of this name is also visible in boys named Saurav.

They are knowledgeable. They have the ability to achieve anything with their knowledge.

Boys with name Saurav are philanthropic, selfless, have the ability to do something, have self-respecting nature.

Being very sympathetic, they help others a lot.

They are enterprising and hardworking. They have a lot of ability to do something new. Being more ambitious, they have the abilities to overcome the difficulties of their life and reach a new height.

What is the Numerology of Sourav name?

Boys named Saurav belong to Aquarius sign. Lord Shani and Hanuman ji are considered to be the symbol of Aquarius. Lord Shani is believed to be the revered Lord of Aquarius.

The circulation of this zodiac is controlled by the planet Uranus.


lord of zodiac-Saturn

zodiac sign– express for the pitcher

zodiac sign-gu, gay, go, sa, si su, se, so, da

friend zodiac-Aries, Gemini

What is the name of Sourav Nakshatra?

The constellation named Saurav is Shatabhisha. The lord of Shatabhisha is Rahu. His constellation number is 100. Shatabhisha is the sign of the constellation.


constellation letters-go, sa, si, su

constellation number-100

lord of constellations-Rahu

constellation signcircle-shaped

What is the Lucky Number of Sourav name? Sourav naam ka lucky number kya hai

The planet name Saurav is owned by Shani and the lucky number is 1. Boys named Saurav with 1 number are very happy.

The boy named Saurav of 1 mark never lacks money and competition.

A boy named Sourav loves more than music.

A boy named Saurav is full of compassion. He is very much ahead in helping others. He gets success after a while but he does get it.

Sourav name meaning in hindi