Rohit name meaning in hindi|Rohit name meaning, meaning, zodiac, constellation, virtue, defect

Rohit name meaning in hindi, Rohit name meaning, zodiac, constellation-Are you looking for a good name for your darling. You have come to the right place. Today, we will know in detail about the name of Aghateog Rohit.

Rohit name is very sweet to hear. If someone’s name is Rohit then his future also starts showing like Rohit name meaning.

Rohit is a very popular and suggested name in Hindu religion. If you are looking for a good name for your son then you can choose the name Rohit.

Rohit name meaning in hindi

Let us know some things about the name Rohit.



Meaning-sun, ornament, rainbow, red



auspicious stone-Blue Diamond, Topaz

good color– white, light blue


Good Day-Friday

The planet-Mars

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What is the meaning of name Rohit.

Before choosing the name Rohit it is very important to know about this name. Rohit name meaning is Red.blood, sun, ornament, rainbow You can give a new direction to your son by giving this name.

Rohit is a catchy and popular name. Many people like to keep this name. If you name your son Rohit then its effect will also reflect according to the meaning of the name Rohit.

The name should be such that it is easy for anyone to hear and call and can speak easily.

What is the nature of a boy named Rohit. Rohit boys character in hindi

Boys named Rohit are fearless and brave. Boys with this name are smart, tolerant and helpful in nature.

Along with this, boys named Rohit can be very charming and charming. Boys named Rohit are soft and mild-tempered as their personality type.

It is not easy to fool a boy named Rohit. He is very smart. Boys named Rohit never give up. They are ready to do everything.

Boys named Rohit are energetic and have the passion to do something. This spirit helps them to take them to new heights.

They are completely selfconfident, and simple in nature.

What is the meaning of the name Rohit?


Boys named Rohit belong to Libra sign. The deity of Libra is Lashmi ji.

The element of Libra is Air, the sign of the zodiac is like scales, the lord of the zodiac is Venus, the friend is Taurus.



zodiac letters-r, ri, ru, re, ro, ta, ti, tu, te

zodiac sign-like scales

lord of zodiac– Venus

friend zodiac-Taurus


What is the name of Rohit’s constellation. Rohit naam ka nakshatra


Nakshatra named Rohit is Swati. The sign of this nakshatra is Kunku varna. The letters related to this nakshatra are Ru, Re, Ro, Ta. The lord of this nakshatra is Rahu and constellation number 1.


Letter-ru, re, to, ta

Sign-kunku characters

lord of constellations-Rahu

constellation number-1


Characteristics of a boy named Rohit|Rohit Boys nature

Confidence, fearlessness, tolerance are the biggest qualities in them. They have a very good behavior with their friends.

They know very well to mold themselves in the same way even in difficult situations.

What is the Lucky Number of Rohit name Rohit name boy lucky number

The lucky number of name Rohit is 7. People born under this number are very religious.

The boys of this number are honest, strong and intelligent. They have a lot of interest in mathematics. People of this number are very skillful and work with honesty.

Number 7 is very important for their life. Number 7 makes them feel happy and successful in their life.

Number 7 can prove to be lucky for them.

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