Prisha name meaning in hindi |Prisha name meaning, meaning, zodiac, constellation, defect, quality

Prisha name meaning in hindi, meaning of name Prisha, zodiac, constellation, qualitiesAre you looking for a good name for your beloved. Before keeping any name, it is very important to know about that name.

Prisha is a lovely and beautiful name. You can keep this name for your sweetheart. If you are thinking of naming the name Prisha, then first you should know about the name, meaning, zodiac, qualities, demerits, behavior, etc. It is important to know.

Prisha name meaning in hindi

Let us know some things about the name Prisha.



Meaning-God, dear, beloved



auspicious stone– emerald gem

good color– green, light yellow, white


Good Day-Wednesday

What is the meaning of name Prisha.Prisha name meaning in hindi.

Prisha name meaning is Lord, Dear, Beloved. The effect of a good name is reflected in the personality of the people. Nice and lovely name generates different spirits in people.

Just as the meaning of this name is, in the same way the effect of this name is also visible in girls named Prisha. Before naming the name Prisha, it is very important to know some things about this name.

what is the nature of girls named prisha|prisha girls character in hindi

Girls named Prisha are calm and efficient in nature. Girls named Prisha are hardworking. Girls with this name are soft in nature and at the same time take great care of others.

Girls with this name are hesitant and shy. They have irritability, which changes with time. With the passage of time, things like shyness, hesitation, hesitation etc. end in them.

People with name Prisha are soft hearted. They have self-respecting nature.

Girls named Prisha are phenomenal and knowledgeable.

They take good care of their self esteem.

What is the Numerology of Prisha name?

Girls named Prisha belong to Virgo zodiac sign. The adorable god of Virgo zodiac is Ganesh ji.

The lord of Virgo is Mercury and the sign of the zodiac is flowers and the element is earth.



zodiac signA girl with flowers in her hand

zodiac letters-Dho, pa, p, poo, sh, n, th, pay, po

lord of zodiac– wed

friend zodiac-Taurus

What is the name of Prisha?

The constellation named Prisha is Uttarfalguni. The sign of this constellation is the swing of the bed. The letters related to this constellation are T and P. The lord of this constellation is Suryadev and the constellation number 9.


Letter-t and p

Sign– bed swing

lord of constellations-Sun god

constellation number-9

Qualities of girls named Prisha|Prisha girls nature

Girls named Prisha are capable, confident, tolerant, knowledgeable, fearless in nature. They like to live with friendly nature with everyone.

What is the Lucky Number of Prisha?Prisha name girl lucky number

The lucky number of girls named Prisha is 8.

8 number girl named Prisha is polite and sweet-tempered.

Girls with number 8 digit name Prisha have excellent will power. They have different willpower to achieve anything.

Girls with auspicious number 8 have a different attachment to learning new things.

Number eight is going to be lucky for them.

prisha girls name lucky day | prisha girls name lucky day

Auspicious day for girls named Prisha is Wednesday. Wednesday is considered auspicious for girls named Prisha. Beginning any auspicious work from this day gives success quickly.

Lucky color for girl name Prisha|Prisha girl name lucky colors

The lucky colors for girls with this name are green, light yellow and white. This color is considered auspicious for them.

Colors must be kept in mind. The importance of colors is different in our life.

This color is considered auspicious for progress, development in the life of girls named Prisha.

Lucky stone for girls named Prisha|Prisha name lucky stone

Panna Ratna is considered auspicious for girls named Prisha. Panna Ratna is considered auspicious for girls named Prisha.

Emerald is a beautiful green colored gemstone. Wearing Emerald in Ashlesha Nakshatra on the Shukla Paksha day on Wednesday will prove to be very beneficial.

Prisha name meaning in hindi (from video)

Hindu ritual of worship, Anushka, Ascending, figure, Anjali

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