Know the Settings of Google Search – Learn Google Settings in Hindi

People all over the world use Google the most to find information and websites on the Internet, it is very important to know about the setting of such a useful Google search.

Here we will know how to go to the Google search setting and what are the options available there.

How to go to Google’s Settings?

You have two ways for this:

First way: Click on this link directly:

Clicking on this link will take you directly to the settings page of your Google search, if you are not logged in to Google, you may also be asked to login so that your settings can be saved.

second way ,

  1. Visit Google’s website
  2. down at the end of the website”SettingsBy clicking on ” Search Settings click onIf you are using Google on mobile, then this Setting The link will be found in the footer link of the Google website as the first link.

What is the option in GOOGLE SETTINGS?

Google Key Settings > Search Settings You can change the Google search behavior for your computer or mobile in the following way.

1. SafeSearch Filter – Google Settings ,

If your family members and children use the Internet from your computer or Google account, then this Filter setting on Violent, adult and inappropriate photo content will not appear in your Google search results.

To prevent inappropriate content from appearing in your search results, you can activate this filter by clicking on the following checkboxes:

After making any changes in the settings, do not forget to save them at the end of the page, do this for all the settings given here.

2. Google Instant predictions

Whenever you start searching by typing something in Google, Google starts making guesses related to that word even before your typing is complete:


This generally proves to be very useful for you and gives you quick access to the right material.

But if your computer’s internet is slow or you don’t want suggestions to be shown to you in this way, you can change it with the following setting:

Google Search Settings

3. How many results do you want to see while searching for something on GOOGLE SEARCH?

Usually, whenever we search by writing a search on Google, we see 10 link results on the first page, for the results after that we have to go to the next pages.

google khoj parinam


If you want to increase the number of results shown on the first page of Google search, then you can do so by going to the following setting, but keep in mind that your page will load a little slower.

GOOGLE how many results setting

4. Personal / Personal Information and Information

You use many Google services like G-email, Google Map, Google Calendar, Google Plus etc., where your personal information and communication are saved on Google’s servers.

For example – information about your upcoming flights, restaurant reservations, or appointments

Do you want that when you search about any information, Google does not show your personal information and information in the search result, then you can change it by going to the following setting.


Normally if you will click on any link of Google result then it opens in same window.

But if you want each link to open in a different browser window when you click it, then you have to change the following settings for that.


Don’t forget to save after setting changes

After changing any of the above settings, you can go to the bottom of the page save either Save Don’t forget to save your setting changes by clicking the button:

google khoj setting sahejen

Know the Settings of Google Search