Kairav ​​name meaning in hindi | Kairav ​​name meaning, meaning, zodiac, constellation, quality

Kairav ​​name meaning in hindi, meaning of name Kairav, zodiac, constellation, quality etc. The name Kairav ​​is attractive both in hearing and calling. The name Kairav ​​is very popular name in Hindu religion. Choosing a name Kairav ​​for your son can be very good.

Boys named Kairav ​​understand the importance of their time. They do not know how to waste their precious time in unnecessary activities. They are not of sharing nature.

Kairav ​​name meaning in hindi

Let us know some things about the name Kairav.

Name– Kairav


Meaning– white lotus, water



auspicious stone– emerald gem


Good Day-Wednesday

good color-Light yellow, green, pink, and white

What is the meaning of name Kairav. Kairav ​​name meaning in hindi.

The meaning of name Kairav ​​is white lotus and water. Just like the name Kairav ​​means white lotus and water, in the same way is the nature of a boy named Kairav.

Boys named Kairav ​​do not like to spoil their behavior with anyone. They like to live with a good relation with everyone.

What is the nature of a boy named Kairav?|Kairav ​​boy name character

Boys named Kairav ​​are more attracted towards comfort, good living conditions. Boys with name Kairav ​​are very curious and have the passion to do something. They have more attention towards decoration.

Boys with name Kairav ​​are firm in their promise.

Person born with name Kairav ​​have ambitious tendencies. They believe in working hard to achieve their goals.

What is the Numerology of Kairav ​​name?

Boys named Kairav ​​belong to the sign of Gemini. Gemini sign is the sign of the planet Mercury. The sign of Gemini zodiac is male and female hugging and the element is air. People of Aquarius and Libra along with Capricorn are considered to be good life partners.



zodiac letters-ka, ki, ku, d, d, ch, k, ko, h

zodiac sign-male hug

lord of the zodiac-Mercury

friend zodiac-Aquarius, Libra

What is the name of Kairav?

The constellation name of Kairav ​​is Mrigashirash. The lord of this constellation is Mars. Their constellation number is 3. The sign of Mrigashirash constellation is Hastinamastaka and Vidalpad.

Star– Mrigashirsh

constellation letters-Way, that, of, that

constellation number-3

lord of constellations-Mars

constellation sign– Hastinamastaka and Vidalpad

What is the Lucky Number of Kairav?|Kairav ​​name lucky number

The lucky number of boy named Kairav ​​is 8. Boys named Kairav ​​with number 8 are very soft and sweet in nature.

Number 8 brings many happy moments, happy moments in their life.

8 number boy named Kairav ​​are very lucky. Apart from being lucky, they are very strong and healthy.

Aarav, Rohit, Sourav, Ankit, advik

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