How To Transfer Files From Computer To Mobile – Learn From Video

how to send files from computer to mobile

There is a need to send photos, videos, PDF books or many other types of files from computer to mobile from time to time, let us know what are the methods we have for this.

How to send files from computer to mobile

1. Use a data cable:

Almost all mobile phones come with “USB data cable”, using which you can easily send data and files from computer to mobile by connecting your mobile to any computer’s USB port.

2. Using Bluetooth:

Generally bluetooth is available on all mobiles, if there is bluetooth on laptop too, then you can transfer files by connecting mobile and computer through it.

3. By inserting the mobile memory card into the laptop/computer:

Files can be easily copied from the computer to the memory card by removing the memory card from the mobile and connecting it to the computer via the laptop’s memory card reader, or via a USB memory card reader.

4. By backing up data online:

available on internet online backup services Using it, you can save your computer’s data and files online, which you can download again through your mobile.

Here’s how to store more than 50 GB of data online for free:

5. Using Email Services

If you use email on your mobile, then you can send any file from computer to that email and receive it on your mobile email.

6. Using “Portal by Pushbullet”

If both your computer and mobile are on the same Wi-Fi. If connected to this website, you can also send files from computer to mobile using this website.

Learn from this video: