How to Save Photoshop File

While working in Photoshop, you should keep saving your work in between, because the computer can suddenly shut down due to many reasons and when this happens, a lot of your time can be wasted. It takes only 2 seconds to save.

To save a file, give the Save command in the File menu or press the S (Ctrl+S) button with the control. If the file has already been named, then this command will save your file without opening any dialog. No name of the file has been given yet, then as soon as this command is given, the Save As dialog box of the picture given below will open on your screen!save%2Bas
In the Save in drop-down list box of this dialog box, select the name of the drive and folder in which you want to save the file and enter any name of the file in the File name text box.
An image can be saved in Photoshop’s own default format .psd. You can save your work in any of the many formats.
On clicking the Save button, that file will be saved in the specified format with the given name, if you want to save a picture file with a new name, then in the file menu, give the command Save As….. or shift and With Control press (Shift+Ctrl+S) button. In response to this also, you will be given a dialog box of “Save as” like in the above picture. After saving the file with this command, you will be able to continue working in the new file.

Exiting From Photoshop

After finishing your work on Photoshop, if you want to exit from it, give the Exit command in the File menu or press the Q (Ctrl+Q) button with Control or click the X button in the toolbar of its main window. But the Photoshop program will be terminated.