How to Print Photoshopped Image in Hindi

How to Print Photoshopped Image

After preparing a picture in Photoshop, we have to do some preparation for printing it, there are three dialog boxes related to printing, the first page is for setup, in this dialog box the size of the paper, the source of the paper, the orientation etc. To open it, give the Page Setup command in the File menu or press the P (Shift+Ctrl+P) button with Shift and Control. The actual appearance of this dialog box depends on your printer but all have the same options in different margins. has no meaning in photoshop means they are not set.

To start printing, click on Printing with Preview in the File menu or press the P button along with the Control button (Ctrl+P). This will open a print dialog box like the picture below on your screen. Many options are set like position, scaling limit, line etc.print

The sample of the page to be printed according to the setting you made is shown in the upper left of this dialog box, you can exit this dialog box by clicking the Ok button to save all the settings or by clicking the Print button. can start printing
On being satisfied with the setting, either click on the Print button in the Print Options dialog box or give the Print command in the File menu, this will open the Print dialog box on your screen.


After selecting the correct printer from this dialog box and setting the number of copies, click the OK button, this will start printing and soon your picture will be printed on your printer.