Deepika name meaning in hindi |Deepika name meaning, meaning, zodiac, constellation, virtue, defect etc.

Deepika name meaning in hindi, Meaning of name Deepika, Rashi, Nakshatra, Guna, Dosha etc. Before naming a good name for children, it is very important to know about that name.

Dipika’s name is attractive to hear and call. Someone’s name is Deepika then her future is also progressive like Deepika name meaning.

The name Deepika is a very popular name in Hindu religion. Girls named Deepika are of self-respecting behavior. They make friendship with others very quickly.

Meaning of Deepika name is Flame, Shine, Sunshine, Shine, Beauty etc.

Deepika name meaning in hindi

Let us know some things about the name Deepika.



Meaning-light, light, beauty



auspicious stonetopaz

good color– yellow, orange, pink


friend zodiac-Cancer, Sagittarius, Scorpio

Good Day-Thursday

planet lord– Jupiter Planet

What is the meaning of name Deepika. Deepika name meaning in hindi.

Deepika is a lovely name. The meaning of this name is also quite lovely. The meaning of name Deepika is Light, Illumination.

The meaning of this name is the same as the name Deepika. If you want, you can name your daughter as Deepika. The effect of this name is very good.

What is the nature of girls named Deepika?

Girls named Deepika are of friendly nature. Many people like them because of their friendly behavior.

Girls named Deepika stay away from pretentiousness. They are of very ordinary behavior.

Girls named Deepika speak very little. They like to listen more than speak.

What is the Numerology of Deepika name?

Girls named Deepika belong to Pisces sign. Pisces signifies the planet Jupiter.



zodiac letters-di, du, th, jh, de, two, cha, chi

zodiac signfishlike

lord of zodiac-brispati

friend zodiac-Scorpio

What is the constellation of the name Deepika. Deepika naam ka nakshatra

The constellation named Deepika is Ashlesha. The sign of this constellation is two snakes. The letters related to this constellation are Di, Du, De, Do, Di, Du, De. The lord of this constellation is Mercury.


Letter-di, du, de, two, di, du, give

Sign– coiled snake

Deepika name girl quality

Honest, helpful is a great quality. Dealing with friends, companions with love is their biggest quality.

Their main objective is to mold themselves in the same way in difficult situations.

What is the Lucky Number of Deepika?|Deepika name lucky number

The lucky number of girl name Deepika is 6.6 girls with name Deepika are very attractive and popular.

Girls named Deepti understand their responsibilities very well. They never shy away from their responsibility.

They are stubborn and withdrawn in nature. Due to this behavior, their enmity becomes a bit more.

Hindu ritual of worship, Anushka, Ascending, figure, Aarushi

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