Avantika name meaning in hindi |

Avantika name meaning in hindi-in this article We will try to know the meaning of name Avantika like zodiac sign, constellation:, virtues, demerits, etc. Avantika is a lovely name which is very pleasant to hear and call. If you are looking for a cute and good name for your baby girl If you are, then you can pick the name Avantika. Avantika is a unique name, due to which many people like to keep this name.

Avantika name meaning in hindi

Let us know the meaning of the name Avantika, zodiac sign.



Meaning– Ujjain, infinite, humble



auspicious stone– coral, garnet gems


friend zodiac– Gemini, Leo

good color– red, white, yellow

Good Day-Tuesday

Avantika name meaning in hindi|Avantika name meaning

The meaning of name Avantika is Ujjain, infinite, humble. As Avantika name meaning is Ujjain, infinite, humble. In the same way, the effect of this name is also visible in girls named Avantika.

What is the nature of girls named Avantika. Avantika name girl character.

Girls named Avantika are very attractive in nature. Girls with name Avantika are very talented.

They are stubborn in nature. Girls named Avantika are ready to do even the toughest of tasks.

Girls named Avantika are very helpful nature.

Girls named Avantika help others a lot. There is not even the slightest greed in them.

What is the Numerology of Avantika name?

Girls named Avantika belong to Aries sign. Aries is considered to be the symbol of Lord Ganesha. The lord of Aries is considered to be Mars.

The circulation of Aries is controlled by the planet Mars. Aries people are a bit angry.


lord of zodiac-Mars

zodiac signram-like

zodiac sign-Chu, che, cho, la, li, lu, le, lo, aa

friend zodiac-Aquarius

What is the constellation name of Avantika?

The constellation named Avantika is Kritika. Sun God is the lord of Kritika Nakshatra. Her constellation number is 4. The symbol of Kritika Nakshatra is two fire-shikhas.


constellation letters-a, e, u, a

constellation number-4

lord of constellations-Sun

constellation sign-Agnishika

What is the auspicious color of the name Avantika. What is the lucky number of Avantika naam?

Number 7 is considered very auspicious for girls named Avantika. Lucky Number 7 girls named Avantika are progressive.

People with this number have strong maths, and skillful ability.

Girls named Avantika of number 7 are very important aspirants. Number 7 is going to prove to be lucky for them.

Overall, number 7 is going to prove to be very good in their life.

What are the qualities of a girl named Avantika. Avantika naam ki ladkiyo ka gun.

Girls named Avantika are kind, virtuous, and helpful. They live in harmony with everyone.

Avantika name meaning in hindi