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Ahilya name meaning in hindi: Ahilya is a brilliant name as well as a unique name. This name is unique both to hear and to call it. You can name Ahilya for your baby girl. Girls with name Ahilya are quite creative.

We all know that the name Ahilya is unique as well as a very ancient name. In Ramayana, it is told about the wife of Gautam Rishi, whose name was Ahilya.

Ahilya name meaning in hindi

Let us know some things about the name Anjali.



Meaning-holy, maternal



auspicious stone– coral, topaz, garnet gemstone


What is the meaning of name Ahilya | Ahilya name meaning in Hindi.

Ahilya name meanings is First, Pious, Maiden of the maiden.

Just as the meaning of the name Ahilya is, similarly this name effect is also visible in girls named Ahilya.

What is the nature of girls named Ahilya | Ahilya name girl character in hindi.

Courage and self-confidence are very high inside the people of Aries. Girls of this name are full of knowledge. People of this zodiac are ready to do the most difficult work. Also, they are stubborn and self-respecting.

People with name Ahilya are of helpful nature. They are always ahead in helping others.

They are very cautious about their future. They have a different Curiosity to do something new.

What is the Numerology of Ahilya name. Ahilya name girl rashi

Girls named Ahilya belong to Aries zodiac sign. Aries is the companion sign of the zodiac sign Aquarius.


zodiac signram-like

lord of zodiac-Mars

friend zodiac-Aquarius

related characters-Chu, Che, Cho, La, Lee, Lu, Le, Lo, Aa


What is the name of Ahilya?

The constellation named Ahilya is Kritika. The lord of Kritika Nakshatra is Sun and constellation number 4. The sign of Kritika Nakshatra is Agnishikha.


related characters-a, e, u, a

lord of constellations-Sun

constellation sign-Agnishika

constellation number-4

What is the Lucky Number of Ahilya name. Ahilya name girl lucky number

The lucky number for girls named Ahilya is 11. People born under this number are very idealistic, inspirational and dreamy. Such people are visionary.

Number 11 people are very happy, successful, and successful in their life. Overall, number eleven is auspicious for girls named Ahilya.

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Ahilya name meaning in hindi