Adding text to pictures | How to Adding Text to Image in Photoshop

How to Adding Text to Image in Photoshop

Sometimes we have to add words to the picture, which increases the usefulness of the picture, in Photoshop you can apply text directly on the picture and control its format, size etc. You can text both horizontally and vertically. can be installed from

There are two types of text in Photoshop: Outline and Bitmap.

Outline type text, also called vector type, is made of mathematical shapes. Such text can be made smaller or larger according to your need. By changing the size, the sharpness of its edges depends on the size of the type and the density of pixels. If you increase or decrease the size, then the edges of the text become uneven, so we should make vector type text as far as possible.

Type Tool :

This tool is available in the Toolbox. The letter T is printed on it. There are four type tools in the pop-up menu of this tool, you can see all these tools in the picture given below.


The way to apply text to any picture is as follows:

  • Open the picture on which you want to apply text.
  • Select the Horizontal Type Tool from the Toolbox. This will open the option bar of the type tool in the main window as shown below




  • From the main boxes this time, you can choose the font type, font style, font size, alignment, color, etc. for the text.
  • Now click on the canvas with the mouse pointer where you want to add text, this will create a flickering black vertical line at that place, which is called the cursor.
  • Now type any text like your name or any line of the title of the picture, you will see that the text typed by you will appear in the horizontal line as you can see in the picture given below.


img3216598756clip image006


  • If you want, you can select the text or any part of the active type layer by pressing the mouse button and dragging the mouse pointer and by selecting the appropriate option in the tool options bar, you can change its font, size, color, element etc.


The fertile text is also applied in the same way. The only difference is that either the Vertical Type Tool is selected in step 2 or the orientation of the text is changed by typing the horizontal text and clicking the Change the text orientation button in the tool options bar.