Aarav name meaning in hindi|Aarav name meaning, zodiac, constellation, virtue, defect

Aarav name meaning in hindi, meaning of name Aarav, zodiac, constellation, defect, quality If you put a good name for your sweetheart at the present time, it would be a perfect name.

As the times change, it is the need of the hour to change yourself. With the change of time, the desires of the people are also changing. Nowadays parents like to keep some modern name for their children like aarav, rahul, rohit etc.

Aarav name meaning in hindi

If you are one of those parents then this article is going to be useful for you. Here we are going to talk in detail about a unique name aarav. Aarav is quite new according to this new era.

Before choosing a name, it is very important to know some things about the name Aarav, such as which zodiac sign, constellation does Aarav belong to.

The name Aarav has become very famous these days. Many people like to keep this name for their son. If you are also looking for a good name then this article is for you.

Let us know in detail about the name Aarav.


Meaning-peaceful, sound




auspicious stone-garnet and coral


good color– red, white, yellow

Good Day-Tuesday

auspicious stone– coral and garnet stones

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What is the meaning of name Aarav?

The name Aarav is a natural and attractive name. Nowadays, many people like to keep this name for their children. According to the nature, the nature of the boy with this name is quite simple.

Aarav name meaning in Hindi is Peaceful, Sound.

What is the nature of boy named Aarav.Aarav naam girl character in hindi

The zodiac sign of a boy named Aarav is Aries. Don’t be afraid to do it.

They are of helpful nature. They go a long way in helping the needy.

Boys named Aarav are very serious about the future. Along with being serious, what to do in the future, they keep it completely predefined. Apart from this, there are many curios towards learning and doing something new.

What is the Numerology of Aarav name?

Boys named Aarav belong to the sign of Aries. Aries signifies the planet Mars. Lord Ganesha is believed to be the revered Lord of Aries.



zodiac signram-like

friend zodiacAquarius

lord of zodiac-Mars

What is the constellation of Aarav name – Aarav naam ka nakshtra kya hai

The constellation of boys named Aarav is Kritika. The lord of Krutika Nakshatra is Sun and constellation number 4. The sign of Krutika Nakshatra is Agnishikha.


related characters-a, e, u, a

lord of constellations-Sun

constellation sign-Agnishika


What is the Lucky Number of Aarav name? Aarav name lucky number.

The lucky number of boys named Aarav is 6. People born under this number are mentally strong. Boys with this name have a different spirit to do any work.

The boys of this issue named Aarav work hard to achieve their goal and keep on making every effort till they achieve the goal.

The lucky number of a boy named Aarav is 6, which is considered to be a symbol of courage and courage.

Number 6 people are happy, successful, and successful in life.

Aarav name meaning in hindi (understand from video)

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