31+ Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Your Internet Browsing Faster (Learn Internet Browsing Keyboard Shortcut in Hindi)

Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Your Internet Browsing Faster


Keyboard shortcuts have always been the choice of experienced computer users, as they save a lot of time by doing a lot of tasks in a jiffy.

before we 42+ Keyboard Shortcuts Useful for Document and Text Editing Now let us know which keyboard shortcuts can help us to make internet browsing faster.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Browsing on Computer

here we GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER Keyboard shortcuts used in .

  1. To open a new browser window: Ctrl + N
  2. For new tabs in the same browser: Ctrl + T
  3. private browsing For windows: Ctrl + Shift + N
  4. To close the current tab: Ctrl + F4 either Ctrl + W
  5. To close the current browser window: Alt + F4
  6. To reopen a last closed tab: Ctrl + Shift + T
  7. To bookmark the current tab: Ctrl + D
  8. To view browsing history: Ctrl + H
  9. To view download history: Ctrl + J
  10. To search for something in the current page: Ctrl + F
  11. To go to the next result for a searched word: Ctrl + G
  12. To go to the previous result of a searched word: Shift + Ctrl + G
  13. To go to the previous page: Alt + Left Key
  14. To go to the next page: Alt + Right Key
  15. To go to the next tab: Ctrl + Tab
  16. To go to the previous tab: Ctrl + Shift + Tab
  17. To reload the page: Ctrl + R either F5
  18. To stop the page loading: Esc
  19. To go to any tab: Ctrl + Number (For example – to go to the third tab Ctrl + 3 press)
  20. To go to the address bar of the browser: Ctrl + L either Alt+D either F6
  21. When typing a website, automatically forward www. And to put .com behind: Ctrl + Enter
  22. To scroll down a web page: Space
  23. To scroll up a web page: Shift + Space
  24. To go to the top of a web page: Home
  25. To go to the bottom of a web page: End
  26. To zoom in on a webpage: Ctrl and +
  27. To zoom out on a webpage: Ctrl and –
  28. To clear browsing history, cookies, cache, etc.: Ctrl + Shift + Delete
  29. To make the browser full screen: F11
  30. To view the source code of the current web page: Ctrl + U
  31. To print the current page: Ctrl + P
  32. To open developer tools: F12